How Can You Choose A Riding Lawn Mower?

Supposing your farm or lawn is an acre or over, what kind of mower do you think you need to assist you in tending the grass that comes up every week? Well, you may say a pulling-behind lawn mower or something like that. But I will urge you to contemplate a little bit about it. The time that is used to complete the work is one thing and the amount of energy used is another. This is where a riding lawn mower comes in as the better option.

Why though will the riding mower be the best option in this? There are many substantive reasons why this is a good choice. One, it is because the land is vast as compared to the lawn that was planned for usage earlier. Second, it is tedious to pull or push the traditional reel mower. And perhaps three, you ride on the riding mower as you mow grass unlike the reel mower where your energy is the driving force of the machine. Now, you finally have no choice but settle on the riding lawn mower. But which one will you go for?

Types Of Riding Lawn Mowers

Whereas there are many known lawn mower kinds, there are basically two main types that riding lawn mowers are classified into. These categories will guide you whenever you want to purchase a lawn mower that will help you cut the grass and at the same time safe energy. Those that have blades under them thus mow grass from beneath them as you ride, are usually referred to as lawn tractors. On the other hand, those that more grass from their front because their moving decks are situated in the front of the body, these ones are zero-turn mowers thanks to their maneuverability. Riding mower usually use rotary moving decks that contain between 2 and 3 blades. But the width of the deck can be between 28 inches and 54 inches. But this may change depending on which type of a riding mower.

Zero-turn Lawn Mowers

Many lawn care companies have this type of mowers because of their price which goes for something to do with $ 3000 and $ 5000. Since they are used to cut grass in relatively large farms, they are many among the mentioned companies. They are also very efficient and quick. They have the ability to turn at dine. This makes then dynamic. So they are ideal lawn mowers on such places as round objects and on tight spots. It is good to remember that as you ride, mowers discharge clippings through vents that are put on most lawn mowers’ sides. Additionally, many are equipped with mulching kits that are designed to cleanly and creatively dispense clippings back to the field.

Lawn Tractors

Tractors are not expensive as compared with the zero-turn type. Because of this, they are what you can find in many homes. Interestingly, they can work in snow plows, box scrapers, garden tillers, and cultivator disks. A riding lawn mower tractor has the ability to be fixed t a wagon and it can be able to pull it behind it when in the field. Tractors are fast at a speed of 4 mph whereas the former goes up to 9 mph.


My first lawn mower

My name is Alisa, I live in a small town in America, I like this beautiful town in America I live in, because it has my parents, my friends and my best memory. I repaired the fence with my best friend Bella in this autumn, we worked very hard, because we planned to build the most beautiful garden in our town, we bought garden seeds and painted the fence white, we sometimes fantasized about our dream garden how beautiful is it in the next spring, but every time we came into the yard and saw the garden’s completely overgrown with weeds, our minds were full of fears, we must weed the yard, and get a lawn as smooth as a billiard -table. So we need a lawn mower to cut the grass.

Luckily, my father seemed to know our  plan, this Christmas morning I received a gift, it was magic, and that was what I was waiting for, a walk-behind mower, thank God, I am old enough to use it, I  examined the machine part by part with my father, its belts, blades and engine were all good in quality, I felt great security, but my parents told me that we  must had a detailed knowledge of its safe use  before we begin to run it, that was a not allow to neglect question, so Bella and I read the Operation Manual carefully, we must  completely understood our helper before spring, right?

Today Bella told me she was reading a handbook on gardening now and  suggested to  plant evergreen shrubs in the garden then, I knew we all got a great many ideas since we had this walk-behind mower. We grew to look forward to the coming of spring!


How to Choose the Best Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Owning a home comes with many different challenges. Many of which can be simplified with the proper
tools and equipment to assist with getting all kinds ofjobs done quickly and effectively. This said, owners
who are tasked with keeping their lawns looking good and manicured throughout the summer months can
attest to the benefits of choosing the best lawn mower for thejob. In cases where the lawn is not really big
enough for a riding more, a walk behind lawn mower is always appropriate. However, before a homeowner
chooses their first or next walk behind lawn mower, there are several factors that should be considered.
Here’s a few things that should be placed on the top of the discussion list.
Types of Walk Behind Lawn Mowers
There are at least three different types of walk behind lawn mowers available on the market today and they
are classified as manual, self-propelled, and electric. Listed below is a brief description of each along with the
pros and cons.
The manual walk behind lawn mower has been a popular option over the years since the cost of this type is
traditionally the lowest. However, even though they may do thejob, they are often well known as the hardest
lawn mowers to use. Therefore, if an individual is limited in both time and energy, they may want to skip this
buy completely since it takes a large amount of energy and pressure to move back and forth. It is also
important to note that the manual lawn mower does not have any kind of power (i.e. gas power or electric
power) to move them across the grass.
As with any product, however, there are both pros and cons to using this type. Two of the main pros to
buying this kind of lawn mower includes the fact that its noise level is a plus since it is very quiet and it is
considered to be the safest. After potential buyers consider the pros to using the manual type, they should
also look at the cons. The cons that should be looked at closely usually involves two considerations and they
are, this lawn mower does not do a qualityjob (uneven cuts) and its overall design has been made for small
Best Self-Propelled Walk Behind Lawn Mowers in 2015

 GreenWorks 25022
Because some people dread cutting the lawn every week or every other week, they need a lawn more that will
provide more ease. Even though the manual lawn mower may get thejob done in very small lawns, they
cannot be compared to the self-propelled lawn mower. With this design, the homeowner can reduce the time
that it takes dramatically to complete this lawn work because it is the easiest to use. In fact, with a little
guidance from the user, it moves fonNard by itself because it works by the force of a motor. Similar to the
design of a car, a buyer may choose a front or a rear end drive to get thejob done. For those who like and
can afford the most latest features in a lawn more, they may even want to buy the versions that have cruise
Regardless to the choice that the person ultimately makes, they will also need to consider the pros and cons
as well. For instance, these lawn mowers are great for keeping the grass cut evenly and they are made
specifically for the midsize to larger yards. (i.e. up to half an acre). This version is also equipped with blade
override. Which simply means, the blade on the lawn more can be shut off without having to stop the motor.
On the other hand,there are also some cons. Because the lawn mowers can be relatively loud, people will
need to wear hearing protection when they are using them. Also, for those who are operating on a limited
budget, they may be forced to skip this kind of purchase because they can be much more expensive.
In an effort to take advantage of newer technology and the problems that exists in manual and
self-propelled designs, manufacturers in the industry are now offering the electric walk behind lawn mowers.
This mower requires a certain amount of force to move fonNard, however, because it is not as powerful as the
propelled kind.
The pros and cons to this kind of lawn mower should also be reviewed closely by potential buyers prior to
making a purchase. One of the main pros to using this type is they are easy to start, quiet and lightweight.
However, on the other end of the spectrum, they are not as powerful and they can only be used within a
specific perimeter because of its electric chord connection. Without a hook up to an electric wall socket, it
may not be feasible for yards that are too big.
Best Types for Hills vs Flat Land
When considering the actual function and features of the three, it is also important to review the best type
for thejob. Because every homeowner has their share of green grass, the needs of each can be very
different. For instance, some owners may have a large yard to cut every week, while others have a small
yard. Therefore, it is important to get the best fit for the area. This said, the best choice for yards with hills
adds another twist to making a decision. Which means, the owner who has a yard that has hills, the best fit
for their situation is the Self-propelled mower. Specifically, because it has the gas power that’s needed to get
thejob done much quicker and effectively. Specifically, as it is compared to the manual and electric mower.